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NPCE re-certification program supports its certificants’ need to stay current in their field of expertise. Because allied healthcare practitioners’ job responsibilities are continually evolving, NPCE requires re-certification every two (2) years, through evidence of at least 6 continuing education credits every two-year cycle.

Continuing education credits may be acquired through the NPCE’s Continuing Education Program or through other outside educational programs or institutions. NPCE reviews credits based on the following criteria: current events, industry trends, and relevance to the allied healthcare field.

Continuing education credits and fees can be submitted to the NPCE annually or at the end of the two-year certification period. Upon re-certification, the certified individual will receive a new certificate.

All re-certification documents and fees must be submitted to NPCE by filling out the form below. All documents must be submitted prior to certification’s expiration date, with a 30-day grace period. Evidence of 6 continuing education credits must be submitted along with the fee of $50.00.

Should a certification expire, reinstatement is permitted within one (1) year of the expiration date. If reinstatement is requested within one year of the expiration date, the individual must submit:

• A completed re-certification application (Application Form Located Below)

• Evidence of 6 continuing education credits

• $50 reinstatement fee

If more than one year has passed since the expiration date on the certification, reinstatement is not permitted. The individual must reapply, meet NPCE’s eligibility requirements, and take the certification examination again in order to become certified.


Please fill out the NPCE re-certification form. Make sure that you upload you continuing education credits proof. You may elect to complete the ce credits with any programs or institutions. Should you complete the NPCE continuing educaiton program (6 Hours), you still need to fill out the form below nad make a payment of $50.00.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 10000.
  • Provide your current mailing address.
  • Continuing Education Certificate

    DO NOT SEND COPIES OF YOUR CERTIFICATES AND ESPECIALLY DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE UNLESS or the transcript of your college/university course will be requested by the Department if you are randomly selected for audit of the continuing education course will be requested by the NPCE Department if you randomly selected for audit of the continuing education course you reported . You must sign the sign bottom of this form to certify authenticity of your reported CE courses.
  • Must have atleast 6 continuing education credits.
  • Price: $100.00
  • I certify that I have taken the courses listed above and will have certificates in my possession to verify successful completion of the continuing education courses or an official transcript for the courses from an accredited college or university. I understand that I am responsible for maintaining these legal documents for four years.